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Meet PPM Youth Alumna, Emily Jackson

Peace & Prosperity Youth Action Movement (PPM) Detroit and Lansing chapters launch their Fall organizing this month, building on the knowledge and skills they developed through One Love Global's Freedom Summer Youth Organizing School in July and August.

PPM is a youth-led social justice coalition created to ensure that Black youth are at the table to shape policies and systems that directly impact their lives. Founded in 2009, PPM will celebrate its 15-year anniversary in 2024.

One Love Global helps PPM youth identify their passions, build skills (e.g. civic leadership, community organizing, social entrepreneurship), and create change. PPM youth tackle pressing issues like mental health access, education equity, community safety and ending violence, and environmental justice — all to create thriving communities.

One alumna of PPM is Emily Jackson. Emily joined PPM when she was just 11 years old. In high school, she became president of the PPM Lansing chapter. Now she serves as the adult Coordinator for PPM Lansing at One Love Global.

“My experience at PPM has to be one of my childhood highlights,” Emily says. “PPM to me wasn’t just an after school youth program; it was so much more than that. PPM was a safe healing space – one that was, and is, so family-oriented and fruitful for youth.”

Emily remembers that Shanell Henry, One Love Global’s Director of Community Love, first introduced her to PPM: “She invited me out to a meeting, where I was just sitting back and observing for the most part, because back then I wasn’t one to speak unless spoken to. I was very shy and soft spoken. From being in PPM, I learned public speaking, campaigning, community organizing, and about healthy lifestyles and higher education.”

As Coordinator for PPM Lansing, Emily now passes this knowledge on and continues to see the powerful impact PPM has on young people. “I’m put in a position where I am bringing the same thing back to the generation that is behind me,” she says. “I love watching them just learn and thrive in a healthy, healing environment. PPM will forever be more than just a youth organization. It is a way of life for me, and I hope it can grow and reach other communities outside of Lansing and Detroit... So other youth can get the same experience myself and everyone else who has come across PPM!”

One Love Global is raising funds to expand PPM and youth organizing support to reach more young people across Lansing, Detroit, and beyond. To donate, visit


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