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What's inside the legislation?


 1. Reimagine what keeps communities safe 

  • The Michigan BREATHE Act raises a standard for criminal and juvenile justice transformation to ensure that resources are allocated where they are most needed


 2. Rebuild REAL public safety with community at the center 

  • The Michigan BREATHE Act is legislation, created with the people for the people, to address root causes of violence and crime and protect those who need care in crisis


 3. Reclaim public systems to produce just and equitable results 

  • The Michigan BREATHE Act creates new policies across law, education, health, environment, and the economy that reduce harm and create opportunity for all.

 4. Repair the harm to individuals and communities 

  • The Michigan BREATHE Act recognizes the history of racial violence and creates a process for accountability and healing.

MI Breathe Act

 We Are Here For 

 Black Lives 

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