Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation

TRHT is a process to engage citizens in healing and creating change in the community. Through truth and recognition of history, groups across the country work towards policy solutions and foster new ways of relating as human beings with a full awareness of our individual and collective strengths, vulnerabilities, and resilience.

Our Goal

Lansing will examine the TRUTH of our history and how racial inequities have been perpetuated.

The RACIAL HEALING process will tap the potential of RELATIONSHIPS to lead to the TRANSFORMATION of Metro Lansing into a place where there is JUSTICE, FAIRNESS and RACIAL EQUITY for all.

Together we will build the BELOVED COMMUNITY of our dreams.

Ready to learn more and take action?

Save the date: September 24 & 25, 2020

Philanthropic Summit for Racial Equity

Re-imagining relationships, transforming communities, and funding a just future.

TRHT in Your Community or Workplace

One Love Global is here to help you integrate the tenets of Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation into your relationships and daily work for the purpose of furthering racial equity.


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