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Welcome to the Lansing Racial Equity Scorecard, a Results-Based Accountability tool developed and maintained by One Love Global as part of organizing the Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation process in Metro Lansing.


The Scorecard tracks progress toward racial equity so that justice, peace and opportunity are attainable for all of the children and community members of Lansing.

This disaggregated data helps our community members to organize, hold leaders accountable, support policy for racial justice and healing, and know when we're actually moving the needle: Are the things that we're actually investing money and resources and time in actually moving the needle?


The racial equity scorecard is also a chance to identify what it is that we want to measure in our community. We partner with local stakeholders to share data and strategize ways to improve each outcome over time. If you would like to work with us, please contact

This Scorecard makes it easy to see and access data about:

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Results we hope to see as racial equity improves

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The story behind data, connected to our lives and community


Partners working together to make things better

How we are measuring success and making a difference


Get Started with the Tutorial Video below!


Click anywhere on the scorecard to learn more about the programs and partners who are working together to improve racial equity in Lansing. Use the + icons to expand items and the note icon to read more.