Black America just proved to the nation that we have political power that will not be denied. It didn’t just happen by coincidence. Black Metro Lansing, we believe you hold the power to transform our region.


We are a collective that centers, and is led by and rooted in, Black communities.

Our members are Black-led organizations coming together to name a common vision and agenda centering Black lives. We push toward collective liberation, recognizing our shared struggle with all oppressed people.

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Inspired by the revolutionary federal civil rights bill, we are championing a local BREATHE Act to divest from racist policing and invest in our communities. We are committed to defending ALL Black lives, including trans, gender nonconforming and intersex people, disabled people and immigrants.

Sign on as a community co-sponsor to help us hold our elected official accountable to defend Black lives and to move the BREATHE Act forward.


The fight for Black lives does not stop at the ballot box

We center political education and community organizing to get out the vote and to hold elected leaders accountable to the people’s demands.

 We Are Here For 

 Black Lives