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Toolkit for Youth Political Power

Organize. Vote. Run. Lead. Transform.

Electoral Politics

Why Vote?

  • How One Person Can Make a Difference

  • Why Representation Matters

  • Levels of Representation 

Where/When/How to Vote


  • Registering to Vote

  • What does a ballot look like?

  • What are the positions you’re voting people into?

  • What is a Ballot Initiative?

How are citizen voices silenced?


  • Voter Suppression

  • The Voting Rights Act

  • Campaign Finance

  • The Electoral College

  • Prisoners and Voting Rights

  • Gerrymandering

Increasing Citizen Turnout

Solutions to Voting Barriers

  • Same Day Registration

  • Early Voting

  • Discrimination at the Polls: Who to Contact

Where/When/How to Vote

How You Can Make a Difference

  • Know Your Rights

  • Find Reliable Media to Inform Yourself

  • Accuracy & Partisanship in Media

  • How to Be Civically Engaged

Where/When/How to Vote

You Too Can Run for Office

  • The Process

  • The Power of Grassroots Movements

  • Introduction and Networking  

Where/When/How to Vote

  • Law Enforcement and Police Brutality

  • Criminal Legal System

  • School to Prison Pipeline

  • Raise the Age Campaign

Issues of Concern to Young Voters


Organize. Vote. Run. Lead. Transform.


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