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Lansing People's Assembly Bridging Community and Activism

LANSING - Social Justice now has a new platform in Lansing, MI. Thanks to One Love Global CEO Angela Austin and Director Of Transformational Leadership, Pastor Sean Holland, the community has easier access to organized social justice. Lansing has had the blessing of Angela and Pastor Holland working the frontline of community empowerment through social activism for decades - and they have teamed up to deliver yet another venture in this important lane. The Lansing People's Assembly is a community-action organization dedicated to bringing a platform to the hearts of community folk by delivering a self-standing justice structure to Michigan's capital city. The platform is meant to deliver a voice for the under-represented, to the over-compensated who have for years neglected the calls for equality in basic and fundamental dynamics of life; the inaugural assembly meeting on October 16th focused on policing and community violence.

See the full story at Next Up News.

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