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Engaging and Empowering Communities to Fight for Climate Justice

The climate crisis is no longer a future or far-away threat that is hard to visualize. No, we see the reality of global warming virtually every day now – in everything from floods and hurricanes that have grown more frequent to droughts and heat waves that have grown more intense.

Yet, some of us see and suffer from these consequences far more than others.

Across the United States – and around the world – low-income and BIPOC communities have found themselves more squarely in the path of the climate crisis. Of course, geography alone is not the cause. Rather, we are witnessing a cycle of injustice: Initial and structural inequalities mean that marginalized groups suffer more from the effects of climate change and exposure to environmental pollution, manifesting in everything from exacerbated health problems to property destruction. This then leads to further inequity, including increased costs both financial and emotional.

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