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for Racial Equity in Metro Lansing

Building the

community of our dreams, characterized by 

love and

shared humanity.


Inspired by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's beloved community, we envision a Metro Lansing where we are in deep loving relationships with one another, where we can collectively heal from generations of racialized trauma, and where the very structures of our community reflect and uphold racial equity.

This vision is achievable through our collective commitment and courageous perseverance.

Dismantling racial hierarchy and changing beliefs is lifetime work.

The work of achieving racial equity is a long term process that is happening now and spans far into the future. Through the Beloved Community Fund, we are investing in that future. We have an opportunity to supply young people with the tools they need to create change alongside us and to take up the mantle beyond us.

“Our goal is to create a beloved community and this will require a qualitative change in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives.”

― Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


A community where we invest in racial equity and in our own healing.

The Beloved Community Fund builds on the existing work that One Love Global has done in our community for the past 15 years. Together, we have moved racial equity, youth organizing, healing, and community power for transformative change.

In 2016, we began the Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation process in Metro Lansing with funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. One of the gifts that the Kellogg Foundation gave us was a growth fund to continue racial equity work in the community beyond the life of the grant.


We have committed to raising $250,000 for this fund, which will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Kellogg Foundation.

Racial equity is imperative, and when led with love, inevitable. With your help, we can build on our progress together and continue forward.

Our strides toward racial equity and building a beloved community

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Everyone has a role to play in the future of the community.

The Beloved Community Fund is an opportunity for us to be good ancestors — to plant seeds toward racial equity for our children and their children.

We believe that everyone, regardless of income or the amount given, is a vital part of this philanthropy. As a reflection of our community, this Fund will reflect a diverse, informed and strategic community of donors across the economic spectrum.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fundraising goal for the Fund?

We committed to raising $250,000 for the Beloved Community Fund, which will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Kellogg Foundation.

How do I give?

Thank you for your commitment to community and interest is supporting the Beloved Community Fund! You can make a contribution online here by clicking the "donate" button on the page or visiting You can also write a check to "One Love Global" with "Beloved Community Fund" in the memo and send to 3525 S Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Suite B, Lansing, MI 48910

Who will be supported by the Fund?

The Fund is dedicated to achieving racial equity and is therefore rooted in Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities and movements. Resources will be used to reach the organizers who need them most and who are best positioned to make transformational impact over time.

Who can I contact to learn more?

Please feel free to reach out to us with questions and interest:

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