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Keyante T. Saxon was born and raised in Lansing, MI. He attended Michigan State University, where he ran Track & Field to pursue his dream to become an Olympian, only to see that dream cut short due to injury. 

That ending is where Keyante’s entrepreneurship journey began. He is now the Chief Executive Officer of The Conscious Streamers, LLC., a platform with a mission of “healing through creativity”. As a poet, entrepreneur and all around creative, Keyante’s focus is to use creativity as a cornerstone to build supportive communities for people of color through the arts. 

Previously, as the owner of Perfekt Fit, LLC., Keyante partnered with the Lansing school district and other non-profit organizations to develop alternate/after school programming to serve our community’s youth, addressing and supplementing the lack of extra curricular activities for students. 

His diverse background in entrepreneurship, poetic mission to bring awareness to injustices growing up as a black man in America, and creative prowess has found him as a valued leader in Lansing’s youth, art and young professional communities. 

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