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Amina Seydou Scholar

Aminatou Seydou (Amina) is currently a senior pursuing her bachelor degree in International Relations and Comparative Cultures and Politics at James Madison College, MSU. She also has a minor in Applied Development in International Agriculture and Natural Resources. Originally from Niger, her international journey started when she did her high school at the United World College (UWC) in India. She has traveled to Benin, France, India, Rwanda, Togo and the UK. One of Amina's long term goals is to go back to her home country and engage in development work centered around the youth. She runs her own NGO and wishes to work for international organizations such as the UN.


This summer, Amina is interning with One Love Global where she is working on the Freedom Summer project. This is an opportunity for her to connect what she has been learning in class about the importance of voting, justice, inequalities, empowerment etc. into real life experiences. As she is planning to go back to Niger, getting that experience will help Amina get ready to share that knowledge with Nigerien youth and empower them so that they have the necessary tools to make their voices heard and take actions effectively.


As a Black woman, helping One Love Global prepare the next generation of changemakers as well as break social barriers across generations and racial groups is not only a privilege but also a way for Amina to give back to the community. This internship will not only allow her to connect with the Lansing community but also enrich her academic journey and ease her professional path. For Amina, interning with One Love Global is an investment in herself and her community. 

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