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Why Vote?

Regardless of whether we are of an age where we can vote, the principles that guide the government -- or policies -- have a big impact on our lives and communities.


For example, policies affect how schools are run and cared for, what is taught in school, and by whom. They also influence community safety and determine what crimes are and how to address them.

As youth, we're often on the political menu, but not sitting at the decision-making table.

It's important for us to take action in our communities so that our voices are heard and to encourage people to support us in their voting choices.

Voter participation is a big issue.

Over 90 million eligible voters didn’t vote in 2016.


Without input from voters, policies can leave out a lot of important people and issues. 

One Person Can Make a Difference!

While it may seem like no big deal to skip voting, elections can be very close calls. The table below shows a few examples of when the results of our elections in Michigan have come very close and have even tied!

Every person counts. Your vote, and the votes of people around you in your community, can change the outcome of an election, and the winner can make a difference in whether the issues that impact you are addressed.



Organize. Vote. Run. Lead. Transform.


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Levels of Representation

It's important to learn about who is representing you and your community and what decisions they are making on your behalf. Below is a map of our elected leadership in Michigan.

To remember why voting is important, keep and share the infographic below, which explains some of the decision-making power our elected officials have in Michigan and how their choices impact our communities.


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