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You too can run for office

Whenever you have the urge to contribute to the movement, act on it. Don’t wait and push it off, because the call for action is a never ending merry go round. The more you wait, the less progression we make.

- Jewell Jones, State Representative (D-Inkster) 

It Starts With YOU!

Making changes in your community doesn't have to be about voting for someone else. YOU can make the difference by running for office.

There are plenty of resources available to help you get started. Get started by using the links to the right.

To grow your campaign, stay active and Connect with the Community!

  • Attend community events, like Town Hall Meetings, City Council Sit-Ins, School Board Meetings, and Neighborhood Watch Groups, to name a few. Join in the conversations, list to what is important to community members, and learn from the discussion and decision-making process.

  • Build Relationships. When you attend an event and exchange contact information, introduce yourself and what you represent, examine the business card as soon as you are handed one, thank the person who gave it to you and ensure that you will follow up (because you will). Update your connections on your involvement and news.

  • Research the issues that are important to people you would serve. Collect information to back up what you learn.

  • Connect with the community by sharing your story.

You are destined for greatness. The call for equal representation for all in policy decision making and for creating systems by us, for us needs passionate millennials like you. Join the movement and together we will.

- Ragine Head, Youth Advocate


Organize. Vote. Run. Lead. Transform.


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