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Action Movement for Social Justice

Leading Youth to Lifelong Values


Interested in learning more about youth action? Need support to get started in organizing around social justice? We have resources for you!


Tune in to Equity Equals radio show and blog at Michigan Business Network for community conversations that impact Michigan. 


We welcome youth, youth leaders, and groups to join the Peace & Prosperity Youth Action Movement!


Peace & Prosperity Youth Action Movement (PPM) is a group of teens and young adults, ages 12-25, focused on increasing social equity within our community.


We know that equality doesn't always mean equity, and everyone else should know, too. Social equity (also known as social justice) is the opportunity one has to reach success regardless of class, race, and gender. 

PPM members include youth certified as community organizers through David Hunt & Associates, applying the Midwest Academy’s Direct Action model.


PPM’s long-term goals are to increase graduation rates and close the educational achievement gap for students of color based on health equity and social justice training provided by Ingham County Health Department.


PPM’s strategy is to build a coalition of youth leaders throughout Michigan to win resources for peer-mentoring and tutoring in order to develop leaders and improve academic outcomes for students of color. PPM’s model is based on three years of youth action research in school and community settings, including project-based learning, focus groups, photo voice, surveys, and facilitated dialogue. PPM seeks to build a powerful and sustainable base for youth voice and educational opportunity. 

To expand the reach of the PPM to support college access, retention and completion, the Ambassadors are developing an alumni network that will allow them to support one another, recruit and build leaders at their college/university, and provide real-time and real-life advice to students in K-12 through social media.

The Peace & Prosperity Ambassadors have identified four focus areas for systems and policy change:

1. Increasing access to healthy food

2. Increasing physical activity

3. Promoting safety and reduce violence

4. Increasing educational opportunity

5. Preventing HIV/AIDS


Join Us!



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