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Action and supportive resources during covid-19


Plant Seeds, Grow Possibilities

Last updated 9/18/20. Original post 3/26/20.


We want to extend our love to you - our supportive network -  and to share updates and resources as we move forward.


We remain grounded in who we are: practicing allies to our young people, racial equity and healing justice advocates and practitioners, and organizers for policy and systems transformation. This is a time where we can answer a collective calling to become closer, exercise compassion, and plant seeds that can continue to grow for a more just world.


Below are some of these seeds and continued work, along with ways you can stay connected, take action, and support.



Census & Vote





Collaboration during distancing

All in-person gatherings have been cancelled until further notice, and we are exploring new possibilities by connecting and collaborating online.


We are proud to support the Michigan Covid-19 Community Response

Please review and share resources on domestic violence


Engaging youth

We are working to stay connected with our young people and support mental health, family resilience, and organizing. 


We're hosted the inaugural virtual Freedom Summer organizing school for youth ages 13-25 during June-August 2020!

October 22-24 will be the annual Youth Summit for youth in Michigan, focused on heritage. Join us for this virtual field trip! Youth will learn about the history of organizing and voting, develop skills for civic engagement and leadership, and take action for change in their communities.

Contact for more information about participating in the summit or if you are interested in sponsoring.


Promoting the census and voting

We face increasing barriers to promoting census and voting engagement, and we are creatively reorganizing to reach people virtually.


Pledge your commitment to take the Census! Whether you have taken the Census already or not, your pledge helps spread the word and better track counts in Michigan.

Share Census graphics (below) on social media!


Amplify organizing efforts

We are working with our partners to elevate stories and work and to make sure frontline organizers are supported. We are also combating misinformation and promoting narrative change. Frontline wisdom guides our creativity and responses to the moment, particularly from grassroots organizers and those who have already been coming together to survive: those with chronic illness, elders, people without access to healthcare or steady paychecks, those who are homeless, and incarcerated members of our community.


In support of diversifying narratives at this time, we want to hear about your victories, challenges, and questions. What is your story about community care during this outbreak? Email: 

We are mapping Michigan map of news stories and actions that illuminate the various manifestations of structural oppression playing out during the COVID-19 pandemic. Use the map below to learn about what is happening across the state (red megaphones) and action opportunities (green arrows).

Support Advocacy and Policy Response  - here are a few that we are supporting:

  • Support the Breathe Act, a visionary bill honoring the lives of those stolen by police and state-sanctioned violence that works to fundamentally shifts how we envision community-care and invest in our society

  • Study the Movement for Black Lives demands and ways to support


Healing justice

We are exploring together what healing and healing justice look like at this time - individually, as a team, and in community. With statewide TRHT partners, we are also thinking through ways we can engage healing practitioners and host supportive virtual processing and healing spaces.


Racial healing practitioners in Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation of Metro Lansing are holding virtual healing circles at this time. We are also welcoming requests from organizations and group who are interested in racial healing circles for their teams or group members. Please contact to request more information about joining a healing circle cohort or inquiring about healing circles for your group.


Virtual gathering and learning

Virtual gathering and learning has been a key part of our efforts in statewide work and movement building, and we will continue to grow these engagements and leverage them for transformative change. 


Engage in learning! Sign up for the Learning Community newsletter to get resources for Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation.

We are incredibly grateful for your support as we reimagine and reorganize, and we hope you stay safe and healthy.


With love and solidarity,

The One Love Global team

“No movement can survive unless it is constantly growing and changing with the times. If it isn't growing, if it's stagnant, and without the support of the people, no movement for liberation can exist, no matter how correct its analysis of the situation is. That's why political work and organizing are so important." 

Assata Shakur

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