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Who We Are


To revitalize urban centers and create sustainable communities where justice, peace and opportunity are attainable for all children.


To break trans-generational cycles of poverty and trauma in the Black community through social entrepreneurship and leadership development.

  • A viable model for economic development and the creation of sustainable community wealth.

  • A unified nation that is responsive to the needs of all within its borders and is socially responsible beyond its borders.

  • A nation that diligently seeks equity in opportunity, access and quality of life for all.

Theory of Change

Pathways to Change

Break transgenerational cycles of poverty and trauma

Sustainable economic independence across generations

Preparing young people for civic and community leadership


Social Entrepreneurship


Leadership Development

Increased support and resources for disadvantaged teens and youth

Reduction in barriers to high-quality education and training

Increased capacity of organizations and municipalities

Increased access to asset-building opportunities and business ownership


Our Work

Powerful Young People

Youth take action and are informed in their choices, affect change for themselves and future generations, and support their healthy development and holistic healing, rooted in the history of Black liberation.

Education & Consulting

Building capacity of our partners through facilitation, popular and political education, racial equity assessments and analysis, grant writing.

Assessment & Evaluation

Measuring progress across our collective work.

Powerful Parents, Caretakers & Teachers

Supporting people in raising the next generation; embracing personal power, youth power, and community power.

Policy & Advocacy

Building systems that work for us through political education and engagement, electoral justice, leveraging partnerships to move policy, base building, policy research, and campaigns & issue organizing.

Hosting & Convening

Bringing people together and supporting them to facilitate themselves, providing tools and containers, hands-on experiential learning, incubating.

Healing Justice

Healing, wellness and liberation of Black and marginalized communities. Incorporating emotional justice, equity, and wellness into leadership.

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